August 25, 2011

If I Could, I'd Send You a Bouquet of Pencils.

I really should be in bed right now, or at least on my way (do I mention this in every post?) but I won't be able to sleep. I know I won't. I went school supply shopping tonight, and even though I only walked out with body wash (props to Lauren D) and lotion (I'm so dry I've turned into a human etch-a-sketch), I got kinda giddy in the notebook aisle. School, oh it is upon us!

Today was just a great, great day. Nothing fantastic happened. It was actually a little more on the chaotic side. But I got to see over a hundred international students, heard some great stories, and got absolute reaffirmation that I'm doing what I need to be doing. I adore my coworkers more than I can express, I laugh until I cry every day, and when it's 5:00, I want to spend more time with them. Tonight, I did just that.

Aside from the getting-up-in-the-morning part of it all, I really look forward to going to work. There's not a lot more you can ask for.

Also got some pictures back from my Chicago trip in May. These girls are so important to me.

August 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again.

Per Dad's request (a text that said "I hope your blogging finger heals soon"), I will attempt to entertain you.

(ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Name that movie.)

  • While helping my cousin move into the dorms today, an RA said, "So, is this your first year?" I said, "Yes. Of grad school." I suppose this should be similar to the joy of being carded that many middle-aged women experience, but it wasn't that joyful, just affirmation that my looks haven't progressed much since moving in six years ago, when I had braces and wore too much Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • My uncle also told said RA that I was single and looking for a man. To which said RA replied, "I'm in a relationship, but I appreciate the offer." To which said uncle said to said RA, "Well here's your chance to trade up." I told him that if he played his cards right, my uncle might even throw in a goat or two.
  • Speaking of awkward family moments, here's a little gem from the King archives: Growing up, we frequently played board games as a family and had a rule that the losers had to kiss the winners after each game. Here's where it gets a little cringe-worthy: winners had to lie on their backs, face up, in a row, and losers went down the line and kissed them. On the lips. A tradition I might not be passing down. Maybe. We'll see.
  • Orientation for my grad program was this week, and I survived multiple icebreakers. Forget anesthetics, icebreakers are my biggest fear. Especially ones that make you think fast. I'm not good at it, it gets messy, I get embarrassed, it's awkward for everyone...
  • Carrie and her boyfriend Matt stayed with me last night after a wedding. Matt has a fascination with the Midwest's fascination with cheese and ranch dressing. He honestly believes, given the choice, a Midwesterner would pick a cup of ranch over saving their mother's life, and their mother would be screaming, "For God's sake, choose the ranch!" from the gallows. This might be a not-so-far stretch because dang, ranch is good stuff, and right now we have four different kinds of cheese in our fridge, and that's really about all, and I am content.
  • I led a group of Chinese students around Bloomington for a scavenger hunt and they were just little darlings. I was especially proud of Hank, who caught on very quickly as was able to correctly identify the stoned gentlemen yelling at us about the evils of Starbucks as "hippies" in a matter of minutes. Next week I hope to cover "hipsters".
  • You might be thinking I used the name "Hank" to protect aforementioned student. In fact, I did not. Many students pick American names when they come to the U.S., and Hank chose his moniker. I also met a Dennis, a Gates and a Honey.
  • "Ni hao" is "Hello" in Chinese, pronounced "nee how". You can't say I never taught ya nothin.
  • Sally gets back from Dallas tonight! Praise the Lord.
  • Lizzie starts working at the OIS tomorrow! Praise the Lord twice.
  • I have clean sheets into which I can crawl! Praise the Lord thrice.
  • Good night, world.

August 14, 2011


Moved into my new place and waiting on my bookshelf, but now kind of wanting to keep this.

While unpacking, found my iPhone collection.

August 10, 2011

An Idle Mind is the Devil's Workshop.

Maybe a little dramatic, but somewhat fitting as I did nothing tonight. Plenty of things I should have done, but nothing I actually did do.

Unless you count eating salad and sweet potatoes for dinner while watching a movie in bed something.

That I did.

I watched Arthur tonight and was pleasantly surprised with the part of the movie where Naomi tells Arthur that Spaghettios are one of the few things better generic - I have always said this, and I'm glad the message has finally found a larger platform. Aldi brand Spaghettios are incredible, right up there with Chick-fil-a if you'd like some perspective, and I have been a big fan for years.

Let's see. In other news, my toothpaste (Pronamel, because I know you're wondering) tastes just like my Italian apartment smelled. A little fruity. I'm digging it.

London, my beloved city (not to be confused with my beloved's city, which would be Bottmingen, Switzerland), is being burned to the ground. An English student came into my office today and we were discussing British rioting and how it's their "thing" and how Americans are a little more civilized because we sue.

I move into my new place on Friday where I hope to stay until I die, because forget an idle mind, moving is the devil's workshop. Or at least the hobby he does in his workshop. This will be my tenth significant place of residency (three or more months) in six years (parents' home, freshman year dorm, Michigan lake house, Btown apartment #1, Italy apartment, London apartment, Btown apartment #2, Dallas apartment, summer sublet, grad school apartment #1). This is why I try to keep my belongings down to a carload...although it never really works out like that because my parents are stuck hauling things cross-country for me every time I shuffle around. Love you, John R. and Tam Tam.

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 18. My cousin Taylor was born when I was six, if I've done the math correctly, and has always been as close to a sister as I'll ever get. We have the same car, did the band geek/drum major thing and even dabbled in cheerleading. So we're pretty much the same person, except she's way more talented, prettier, nicer and funnier than I could ever hope to be. Girl knows her farm stuff, too. Love you, Tayloh. So proud of the woman (it's official!) you've become.

It's off to bed for me. You don't look this fly by staying up all night.

August 3, 2011

Laundry Day on the Farm.

Nature's dryer.


Sally and I like to take pictures of ourselves to send Cassie, her triplet. One of her triplets.

As I've been promised to their brother, Sam, these will one day be cherished family photos.

August 2, 2011

Strikes My Fancy.

(In no particular order)

Paris pink

and London tube stops

and raspberries

and Vespas

and French braids

and bubble baths

and coral lips

and Phoenix

and half-priced cherry limeades.

Oh Yes.

Don't Waste Your Life.

Click here to read convicting words from Pastor John Piper.

"Your life is in God’s hands and hangs by a thread of sovereign grace."

"One of the great tragedies of American culture is the way billions of dollars are invested to persuade people my age to waste the rest of their lives. It goes by the name of retirement, and the entire message is: you’ve worked for it, now enjoy it. And what is the “it”? Twenty years of play and leisure. While the world sinks under the weight of millions of healthy older people fishing, cruising, puttering, playing golf, bridge, bingo, shuffle board, and collecting shells. All of this in preparation for meeting Jesus Christ face to face with nail scars in his hands."

"Life is given to us so that we can use it to make much of Christ. Possessions are given to us so that by the way we use them, we can show that they are not our treasure, but Christ is our treasure. Money is given to us so that we will use it in a way that shows money is not treasure, but Christ is our treasure. "