December 15, 2015

Scentsational London

While Christmas shopping this past week, I came across a candle that was branded as smelling like London: "Tea and Lemon." This got me to thinking about the city I remember, and I have decided to compile a (more accurate) list of potential candle scents for a London line:
  • "July Thames"
  • "QE II's Hat Closet"
  • "The Royal Horse Stables"
  • "Kebabs + Chips"
  • "Prawn Anything"
  • "Harrod's Food Hall at Closing Time"
  • "The Queen's Arm's Men's Loo"
  • "That Guy in Dreads Dancing to a Boombox at the Entrance to Portobello Road Market"
  • "Chelsea Lapdog Excrement"
  • "Leicester Square Tourist"
  • "Alan Rickman's Musk"
What else? What are some other good scents that would transport one straight to the middle of Piccadilly Circus?