July 18, 2014

To the sea.

July finally rolled around, which meant it was time to head to the coast to cool off just a bit.

Mindy flew in from Dallas to meet me for the start of our road trip. She and I quickly learned to give the simplified version of our story: we're friends from quite a few years back - when I also lived in Dallas - and for nearly as long we've been dreaming of wandering the lazy streets of Savannah and Charleston together. Now that I am camped out in the Southeast it just made perfect sense.

But first, we had ATL to conquer. I did my best to charm her with the only way I knew how: with food.

Specifically, pizza from Antico...

...and Jeni's ice cream. Look at that flavor board! My personal favorites are the Goat Cheese with Red Cherries and Salty Caramel - not for the fainthearted! Jeni's does not skimp on the salt. Have a glass of water on hand.

Minds got very involved in sampling; understandably so.

When we got home, I had a marathon packing session - I can't ever seem to do it early - and we fell asleep with full stomachs. Road Trip 2014 commenced early in the morning.

The next three days, split up only by our early morning runs under the Spanish moss, were a blur of  pralines, humidity, and sand. Sand that would follow us for days, showing up in our food, our clothing, and even our ears.

I didn't take many pictures during this leg of the trip, but I think I covered the basics:

Beautiful, beautiful Savannah:

The sugar. River Street Sweets, ya'll. We would walk through the store and then throw on scarves to disguise ourselves to shamelessly make another trip through for samples. Every day we samplin'.

The Paula. Say what you want: the woman has built an empire, and Savannah is the heart of it. We didn't eat at the restaurant, but we didn't make a quick cruise through the store.

The beach, where we packed fruit and water and camped out for the day with our toes in the sand and our noses in books.

The nights out in lipstick (because we're ladies), wandering, meeting locals, and telling great stories over wine.

Once it was all over, we packed up to head to Charleston to celebrate the Independence Day. 

With Arthur.

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